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Hell's Maw 01:30
Flesh Vortex 04:50
- A sensation embraces me - Cold while also burning - My senses return to me slowly as though they were a newborn gift - My ears fill with unbearable screams - Man, woman, & child - Their cries, desperate & pained - Longing for some form of release - As my vision slowly returns, the horror further envelops me - Surrounding me is a vortex - A portal of flesh & blood - I look to my person & see that I am stripped of all dignity - My body levitates as the vortex spirals & squirms around me - My sight clears further - I see faces, infinite - Molded to one another - Stretched apart & flattened - Yet still the light of life, or what is left, still sounds through their misshapen mouths - It was then that I knew - It was then that all logic left me - How could this have happened!? - This must be a twisted, demented nightmare! - It was then that I heard a voice speaking to me from within the void - “PECCATOR! JUDICARIS! VESTRUM MANET!” - As fear takes hold of me - Like a casket devoid of air - I let out a desperate cry - DEUS UT QUID DERELIQUISTI ME!? -
- MAKE IT STOP! - An unyielding barrage of suffering - Trapped inside inescapable madness - Descending everlasting into regret - REGRET - “A swirling showcase he can’t...” - ESCAPE - “Forced to witness his own series of...” - ATROCITIES - “Begs incessantly for it to end” - Begging - BEGGING - (a vision, pushed deeply into my mind, is extracted & assaults me) - WHY!? - A boy kneeling - Strapped & restrained - Down on the ground, his tears fall upon blood - Lit only by flame - A figure begins the sacrificial rite - “I give my only son as an offering” - A torrent of screams sealed within a wood construct - A blade meets his throat - Die... DIE! - His blood spills with such force - Held only by his hair - His life fades from his eyes - But not before his gaze had locked onto his loving father - I open my mouth - I cannot breathe - “Your son’s pain is reflected right back to you” - Crying out for death - I accept death - But I won’t be so lucky - “Death is not the end, only an event, that keeps you locked here forever in the abyss” -
- Open my eyes - What do I see? - A vestige of myself dragging my broken body upon putrid ground! - “Have you awoken?” - “Are you awake?” - “In mere moments you will wish you were already dead” - I look to see who has spoken looks uncannily familiar - Once a face, recognizable; now twisted and misshapen - This cannot be! - How has this happened!? - A vestige of myself dragging my broken body upon putrid ground! - “Feed me your hate!” - “Show me your fear” - “Now to reach in & devour your remnants of SANITY!” - SAVE ME - KILL ME - END MY EXISTENCE - Help me find the power to extinguish my own flame - DIE - JUST DIE - I WANT TO FUCKING DIE - Kill me please, I beg - I can’t take it anymore - AGONY - BLINDING - WILL I DIE - “Your mind is no more” - “No thoughts or feeling” - “Yet your soul remains” - “In need of removal” - I still see - Around me are twisted creatures - Laughing with joy & hungry for blood - As my broken body drags on the ground, I am able to see where all of this will end for me -
- “This is it, the end that you have begged me for” - “Though I suspect not quite what you were asking for” - NO, PLEASE, I BEG AND PLEAD - JUST END IT ALL IN ONE QUICK STRIKE - “NO” - “You’re nothing more than food for these worthless creatures & a gateway for my return amongst you mortals” - “I will take the shape of your body & return to take your place on Earth” - At that moment I felt my weight begin to lift - Off the ground & hovering above a mound of countless organs & body parts around - All leading up to a blood-soaked spike - The screams of laughter & hunger grow louder - The shapes of demons are hundreds strong - Then suddenly I feel an object violate me - The spike inserted inside my ass - Ripping and tearing as it slowly enters - As the stake pierces right through me - From my bowels, out through my mouth - A stream of blood & bile fires like a cannon within my guts - “Venerunt ad nos sanguinem!” - “Nos hic est spectare!” - SPIRITUS COMMITTO EFFUNDO CRUOR FESTUS - As the remaining life within me geysers out from my mouth, I can feel my spirit exit it’s devastated vessel - As my copy smiles at me with its crooked grin, my essence joins the millions of other lives trapped here in HELL! -




released May 13, 2019

All music & production: C.H.

Guest vocals: Chris “Hydrus” Skrocki (Led By Serpents, Estuarine)
Album artwork: Chris Helton - Kujiiira Art
Logo: ModBlackMoon

Demons (Chants and Ending Vitriol):

-Alexis Raul Mendez (Daggra, Absvrdist)-
-Ivy Jayne Lance (Suicide Pandemic, Remnants of Izanagi)-
-John Haworth (Our Great Adversary)-
-Dylan Henson-
-Christopher “Hydrus” Skrocki (Led By Serpents, Estuarine)-
-Somnus Mortem (SaviorSkin)-

C.H. would like to thank:
Phil Cancilla - Ivy Jayne Lance - Adrian “Slaydrian” Galindo - Tyler & Desecrate The Faith - Olivia Wygal - Goretooth - the folks at Acadia Bar & Grill - Insolvent - Daylon Durell - Dylan T. Emmons - Greg Robin - Mandy Bonvillion - Bryan Fajardo - Jefe Michulka - Joseph Herrera - the original ID Software team - Kentaro Miura - Herman Garcia - Adam Denoth - Judson Duncan - Walter’s Downtown (R.I.P) - Joshua Armijo (runnerjma) - everyone who provided vitriol for the chants and demonic sounds - Chris “Hydrus” Skrocki - Cryptos Grimm - Brian Ferrell - Tammy Maignaud - J.D. Sanchez - T.J. Mundy - Napalm Jake - And those I regretfully forgot -

In memory of Dacondo Casey (Devil D)


all rights reserved



ALPDRUCK Houston, Texas

Birthed from an obsession for chaotic, cavernous extreme metal as well as themes of Hell and torment seen in the original DOOM series and the BERSERK manga; ALPDRUCK is a response to the question "how much is too much?". Dripping with cavernous atmosphere, over-flowing with devastating blast beats, and topped with out of control and desperate shrieking vocals; this project is an endurance test... ... more

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